Magento 2 AWS Hosting

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The Magento 2 is erady to run with its prebuilt environment. It improves the availability as well as performance of your online store (eCommerce store) with its free and open source version.
Backend Development
Our backend development team can solve the issues of installation, coding part and other migrating data with the most professional service providers. No matter whether you are new or continuing in this business, we deal with all.
Frontend Development
Dedicates voice support that will be served to you from our frontend team providing all of the support needed. They are available for 24*365. Get quote to know more about all of our services.
This part includes all of our team that plays their responsible roles accordingly. Get resources beneficial for you only. Our team can provide you the dedicated Magento servers that optimized the instance with absolute no worries.

Magento for Effective Ecommerce

We allow you to migrate or setup your Magento 2 Ecommerce store on the AWS that heals you to optimize and secure your store with some beneficial features. The Magento 2 is responsible to load an average of 170 scripts per page. Magento 2 provides the speed as well as security tool setup. At Aaditri technology, we made websites that are SEO Friendly even if they are eCommerce ones. This product will surely boost your website’s performance and AWS server makes it really light.

The services we can offer are: SFTP, LAMP, SSH, Mail Integration, CDN Integration, PhpMyAdmin with Secure Port, AWS Automatic Backup, Website Modification Report, DNS Mapping, SSL Integration, CSS & JS Minification and Merging,, HTML minification, AWS Load Balancing* (Only if needed), AWS Elastic File System* (Only if needed), NGINX Integration, Redis Integration, Resource Monitoring Notification, Varnish Integration, Server Activity Monitoring and Support Period.

High Performance Magento Hosting -Fully Managed On AWS