Classified Portal Development

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Classified Portal Development

Classified website comprises a collection of adverts published by suppliers or customers to promote their services or products worldwide. Ads posted are organized based on suitable category and subcategory so that investors can access information quickly with ease.

Aaditri Technology is a well known and trusted classified portal development company located in Delhi, India. Classified ads are a way of advertising which is specifically in newspaper, magazines and other sources. With the growth of internet technology, the adverts got its way through ads website. A classified portal enables you to focus on your customer in a more structured way that too at an affordable price. The classified results website permits clients to browse and searches for adverts. The listings are particular with properties, images, scores, explanations, opinions and contact details.

Features of Classified Portal Development

  • Listing facilities with Advanced Catalogue Management.
  • Exceptional promotion on home page
  • Content management system which includes images and banner adverts
  • Different Payment gateways
  • Admin Panel with User login- For Managing users activate/deactivate, Edit/ Delete the account and information.
  • The users can put their adverts on their favorite list.

Why is Classified Portal Needed Today?

Easy Promotion- A classified offers an easy promotion in comparison to its contemporary sources. It directly takes an advertisement in the zone of targeted audiences. Classified portals enable an individual to bring its services or product categories in a proficient way.

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Brand Builder- Classifieds are the sources of brand building. If you are publishing your ads through notable ads publishing website, it gets valued a lot on the internet and helps in augmenting brand building.

Cost-Effective Promotion- Classified website offers a cost-effective promotion but bulk of customers. So, if you are planning to get a classified site built, then it’s high time to do this. You will not only be able to earn a good amount of money, but also this will be your great investment.

Why Choose Aaditri Technology?

Aaditri Technology can be you’re ever best for classified portal development as the company has experienced team of skilled professionals. They are expert in different classified website development services. With years of excellent service, the company is an established and reputed name in the field of website development. Apart from skilled, the service portfolio of the company is also customer-oriented which includes the inquiry to tech support.

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