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B2B Portal / Website Development

Obtaining a well-designed website means a digital presence for the companies or firms. It is quiet needed and even adopted by the business persons with great enthusiasm. The digitalization of the world especially the easy reach of smart phones and androids has accelerated its popularity. Most of the people now own a smart phone or something like this, where they access the internet world. Whatever one wants, they simply check that out on search engine platform. So, business houses have taken this seriously and moved forward to get well designed, comfortably accessed and informative web portals where customers can land up and further business gets widened reach.

For entrepreneurs, we, Aaditri Technology a reliable b2b portal development company in Delhi, India offer customized designs, which easily get fit in into their demand and proves to be beneficial for business prospects. Amongst several sorts of target based designing as business to business, business to customer, business to vendors and so on, b2b (business to business) has its very own importance.

The general criteria took well care by our team of b2b portal development services is to make everything simple and clear as possible. So, each visitor of your website feels engaged with the information availed at the portal and eventually you get a potential customer. Of course, in the technical world, there are many of things, which seem as a bit over the head for general public. So the content management team of ours tries to place well-used terms rather than making the content highly technical. After all what matters most is the performance of the e-site to your business associates.

The web portal for b2b portal development includes several aspects; a general view is as follows:


Features outline:

  • Diverse user roles
  • Payment Integrations
  • Multilanguage (EN, FR)
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Vendor Features:

  • Modify account settings
  • Update their profile
  • Modify desired language
  • View orders
  • Offer quote on proposal
  • Get Notifications
  • Track your tickets
  • Submit bill & get paid

Client Features:

  • Accept bill and pay
  • Acquire notifications
  • Can rate service
  • Change Account settings
  • Update their profile
  • Can change desired language
  • Can propose an order
  • Obtain & compare quotes
  • Can commend and discard proposal

Admin Features:

  • Add or remove customers
  • Add or remove vendors
  • Authenticate companies
  • Configure all emails
  • Manage content