Amazon Web Services

AWS is known as Amazon Web Services that are used to host the web based applications on Cloud. Web application is a program that is stored on a remote server which is further delivered over Internet. AWS servers are best for small websites hosting as well as heavy traffic sites for your needs. Charges will be based on hourly basis instead of monthly. The data centres will be assisted with trained security guards on a privileged basis. No Scientific analysis is needed for identification of your infrastructure needs.

AWS allows your business to be a multi-billionaire dollar online business. It approaches end-to- end security to make your infrastructure stronger and stable. Storage, Compute power and Long-term contracts are some of the main factors responsible for benefitting a website. We encrypt all data and leverages the AWS key management services using SSL.

We will be delivered the project with full Security, Governance and Compliance.

What can we offer ?

Team of certified AWS experts

Our team consisting AWS experts that meets the level of professionalism and associate who have already served successful outcomes as per need of the specific persons.

Design reviews

Our team will stay engaged with you to provide the information that is constantly updating. They are available for 24*365.
Secured application portfolio
We design your architectures purely based on AWS best practices to meet every of your specific needs.

Services offered by Aaditri technology in AWS Cloud Hosting:-

  • EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) instance as per the requirement of Website or Application.
  • RDS (Relational Database Service) instance for boosting your database.
  • Cloud front CDN (Content Distribution Network) for improvement in efficiency.
  • AWS Snapshots to backup your data and configuration.
  • Route 53 for management of your DNS services.
  • CloudWatch for monitoring the server load and traffic.