Landing Page Designing

Landing Page Designing

What is a Landing page?

Whenever we search for a keyword related to services, the chances are that first few results showed up of PPC ads that are basically paid results. Usually people got confused between home page and landing page as they both looks so much similar but there is a huge difference indeed that means the landing page does not contain any area to be clicked, it just contains suitable information to get more clicks.

A potential Search Engine landing page contains attractive content related to the keyword phrases. Like if you search “Landing page designing” the results would be similar. The main purpose is to convert your visitors into regular customers.

While making an attractive landing page ask you few questions from the perspective of users like Why should I use the service? Who is this service for?
They can be used for different purposes like Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization. Be clear about your goal and services offered.

Features of a Landing page:

1. Headlines play a solid role here as well; the headline and advertisement should match with each other with the clear message. It should be catchy enough to grab the visitor’s attention and that too in an interesting manner.
2. Always Double and Triple check your grammar as wrong ones can seriously ruin your website’s reputation.
3. Call-to-Action button is required to let the users know about their next step. Best examples are Free, New, Buy or Download now with the Big and Brighter outlook. Keep it above the fold.
4. Optimize your landing page for the conversion over time by running A/B tests, Change copy, Images and Call to Action button.
5. Use Images and Videos that are related to your copy by implementing the motivational speeches and videos.

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