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Website Designing Tips and Tricks to Rank

It’s better to design the layout of your website like painting a blank canvas with website designing company in Delhi. Let’s start from the framework that is a layered structure used to indicate what your programs are and can be built with some accrual programs. It could be real or conceptual and act as a support or guide before building website. Wireframe include some lines or shapes that define where to put the information in that particular given area. Here are three designs for better understanding.


  1. Homepage: Your website starts from the homepage that is basically the place your site reputation begins. A logo is a must for homepage as well as website and it should be catchy and to-the-point at the same time, it makes your website easily recognizable. Homepage should be clear and tell your visitors about your offerings. The text and visuals are one of the important things when it comes to designing. Only High quality images should be used, testing on various devices should be done.
  2. Logo: Mostly, we all recognize the brands with their logos rather than directly the name so somewhere you logo reveals your identity and also invites new customers to get you know. Unique logo distinguishes your business from the competition.
  3. Sliders are outdated now and having them only makes your site slower and poor UX (User Experience). It would be better to focus on your content for lesser bounce rate.
  4. Don’t just leave that white space in your website instead fill it up with some content or images, utilize the space.
  5. Putting images in the website is necessary but never take them from some other site, make your original ones. Real product images are always beneficial and they are the only things your users are looking for. They trust you only when you showing what you are indeed.
  6. Featured video is one of the most engaging forms of media and even a short video about the explanation of product or service can make a huge difference.
  7. Avoid having too many Ads, it will only lead to spamming.
  8. The planning of your page layout should have placement of content like where to place them and which one should go on first accordingly.
  9. Make sure that your users can easily identify about your website. Nothing is more frustrated than a website that does not allows us to navigate easily. To make your website structured and organized, consistent navigation is important. You can decorate the entire navigation bars in attractive Colors and Texts to highlight and make it more familiar. Good navigation can speed up your viewer’s search and ultimately stable Bounce rate. Keep it effortlessly logical for a clean professional look.
  10. Responsive websites are necessary to make your website accessible to different devices and screen sizes. Just in case you are looking for some help, contact our website development company in Delhi for free sort of consultation.

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