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Magento v/s WordPress…Which one is Good?

How to choose between WordPress and Magento?

WordPress is entirely consisting editable pages and posts with the developing template files with the access of custom template files creation for a single page. You just need to download the latest version from WordPress.org and upload the files to your own server and start selling products online. One drawback is installing plugins can create a big mess for the site. It is easy to install and configured with highly customizable option and backend management with the ease of reporting without any knowledge of coding. Contact our website development company in Delhi for any sort of enquiry.

Magento is an open source platform that is specially designed for eCommerce with the overall tailored functionality. It is even more secured as it does not use any third party plugin. Though it is bit complicated platform to learn however, it is easy to learn. Its great flexibility options allow you to play with its templates and themes. It includes related products and coupons to make the pricing multi-tier. Also, you can manage multiple websites from the same account.

Both of them are similar in working and are SEO friendly as well with a strong online support community. They are essentially required Content Management Systems that allow its users to add, modify and manage their data. WordPress is an open source blogging platform with over 60 million websites and 17% of the total ones and Magento is an e-commerce platform with many of the e-commerce features with more than 150,000 online store owners. Some rich features of Magento is Multi-store management, generating reports, mobile commerce, marketing, search engine optimization, and other vital management tools.

Magento offers two editions i.e., Enterprise edition that is paid and offer high scale work for the faster growth and large businesses and other is Community edition that is available for free download and can provide you an alternative for the small businesses.

Whether it’s Content Management System or any other option, you need to identify your website’s purpose. What and at which level you may want to cater your services. If looking for a multi-vendor marketplace, better be with Magento that are way perfect and also cannot compete with the facilities. For selling virtual products WordPress goes best as it does not require any sort of complex shipping arrangements to follow up and tracking of orders.

If you want your shop to contain more than 1000 products or need to build a marketplace and expecting heavy traffic for your store in the beginning, then you should go for the Magento. WordPress goes best for a small budget or few products with minimal customization to the theme with the need of lots of content. You need to evaluate your own business with the complexity of services before making any final decision.

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