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10 Website Development Tricks to Rank your Website and Generate Leads

You might get shocked by knowing that only 5 seconds are enough for users to choose between proceeding or closing the site. Many factors matters like navigation or the layout of website that must be easy to understand. Getting traffic to the website is depending on your website development and designing company in Delhi, however, here are some tips that may help you in research part as well as in gaining traffic.

  1. Go for the perfect visual structure that means arrangement of the Size, Color and Contrast of the visual elements with the determination of relative prominence and order to be seen by humans. Whatever size of image you are looking for, they must be of appropriate one means neither large nor small. The color combination should be strong in contrast and readability.
  2. The headline to be used on the homepage must be descriptive and attractive enough to let a user stay or welcome a new one. Target your relative keywords clearly with the description.
  3. The web design standard says, the top 50 marketing websites has their logo in the top left and contact in the top right. Main navigation in the header, value preposition and Call to Action up high, Slideshow in the homepage, Social media icons in the header and footer with the none other than responsive web designing.
  4. May sounds strange, but changing colors in background of page shows the user’s changes that the content is changing. Use very slight variations like starting from white and moving to darker shades of grey and finally black.
  5. Sliders are good but usually we all see only the first banner and somehow they increases the time of loading as well. Look for the Click through Rates for the call to action buttons. Banners are good for the website owners instead of the users.
  6. One new tab is okay but opening every link in the new tab can make your user frustrate. Scrolling is easier and faster than clicking.
  7. Taking images from other sites is easier but real people can make a huge difference. Stock photos of people make your website like a plague and not genuine, at all. Your visitors are obviously caring more for the reality and prefer about the company’s working. Be yourself and create images of your company.
  8. If you want something in your website then make sure to point it with an arrow. It won’t hurt your website if used properly. Contrast your button’s color with the background and text; make it attractive enough to be noticed. Passive colors are good though comparatively.
  9. Navigation is the key for visitors stay and is prominent too so start scanning your website across the header and then menu. Descriptive navigation is good that includes relevance to both the Search engines and visitors
  10. If you provide service for something, make sure you are converting your visitor into a lead to generate business. Your users should land on a page that has high conversion rate and lesser distractions.

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