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What is Content and why is it so Required in the SEO?

What is Content?

Content includes everything that we see in a Website or Newspaper includes Images, Texts, and Videos etc. The main motive is to attract users. Content marketing includes activities that promote content to increase its reach. Images are an important part of content marketing as it is the only way through which your message can be conveyed easily.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization that further consists two parts i.e., On page and Off page. On page includes activities that are meant to be done on the domain only whereas Off page activities include making backlinks on other domains.

On page SEO factors:

  • Whenever we make an in-depth article, we already know about the keywords that we want to get ranked. Presence of Long tail keywords is beneficial as they increase the ranking of them.
  • The page should have Authentic and Self promotive content with the quality images that have optimized alt tags. It is meant to be unique enough to rank for the related keyword.
  • Content and proper navigation is necessary for better User Experience and brand authenticity. The website design and especially homepage should be clutter free with faster loading. Page layout is needed to be optimized with all the necessary elements.
  • Your website needs to be load in 2 to 3 seconds otherwise bounce rate will be increased that is not a good sign for ranking of website.
  • Your website’s Meta title length could be maximum 60 characters and description length is 160 characters. Your primary keywords must include here. Adding modifiers is also a good option. Wrap up your subheadings in the H2 tags. Using H1 tag on the multiple pages can prove harmful.
  • The URL structure must be clean and to-the-point. It shows the hierarchy of page’s information. This is a clear example: http://www.aaditritechnology.com/content-writing.html
  • Your website’s coding should be high and clean. If you are looking for a Content Management System (CMS) for some blogging site, WordPress is the best option to achieve so. Helpful in spreading the link equity or ranking power.
  • In On-page SEO, Internal linking is vital parts that include anchor texts that go from one page to other page of a single domain. They are a part of navigation and also provide authority to other pages and improve Conversion optimization. Attributes of internal links are Anchor text, Page location, Targeted link, Relevancy and type of link.
  • Ignoring Google algorithms can be the biggest mistake done in the SEO. Google update Panda outranks the websites that are filled with Keyword stuffing and thin content with higher Search engine rankings. On the other side Penguin update takes care of the backlinks that are of low quality and irrelevant. Both of them are core ranking signals that are needed to be optimized. Hummingbird and Google rank brain are some another major ranking factors.

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