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What are the benefits of Twitter? How to Make a Twitter Account?

Are you also one of them who think Twitter is dead?

These twitter stats can make everything clear to you:

  1. The monthly active users are about 330 Million monthly active users.
  2. Yes, its users are global but 69 million users are located in USA.
  3. Most of the users aged between 18 to 29 years and 22 percent of 30 to 49 years.
  4. Apart from USA, the three countries with highest number of users are Brazil, Japan and Mexico.
  5. The total ad engagements are 91 percent.
  6. More than 100 million tweets contain GIFs in year 2015.
  7. More than millions of tweets are happened every day with two billion search queries per day.
  8. Videos get more retweets comparatively. They get three times more retweets than GIFs.

Recently, Twitter has a new character limit of 280 characters rather than 140. The cost per engagement is reduced by 54 percent with a visible increase in user’s engagement. Twitter is not only good to promote your own good content. It has an engaged audience where all the conversations has been taking place.

How to make your Twitter account?

  1. Go to website twitter.com and click “Sign up” option.
  2. Give your basic information like Name, Phone number or Email address.
  3. Click Sign up for twitter.
  4. For the verification purpose, enter the verification code in the box.
  5. Once done, select a Username and click Create my account.

Here are some benefits of Twitter:

  1. It can drive some crazy amount of traffic with the Social media that can drive traffic and leads. Make more tweets to get higher clicks. Start up with 10-12 tweets a day. You can stay on the top only with the quality and informative content.
  2. It’s not as easy as texting. Tweeting is a Social media networking way to get clicks. Try to reach some High-profile industry influences by joining conversations and contributing value. While tweeting, there are chances of getting more clicks through those followers. The entire experience is more promotional and also not sponsored.
  3. Content distribution is easy on Twitter but only when you have quality content. Share your blogs, Videos more frequently. Brand message is easily conveyed.
  4. Hashtags play an important role in this. They help to organize and categorize the Images and Video content. When you click on a hash tagged word, it shows you other tweets that are including the same. Never add spaces or punctuation’s in it and also do not add more than 2 hashtags in a tweet. They are an essential tool for Viral marketing by presenting the topic in a much more interesting manner.
  5. Follow some hashtags of your community that is full of updates and be in touch with everyone throughout. It is the perfect way to stay up to date and know about everything that is happening. Many of the Local reporters, Politicians and Celebrities post information about their community to be in touch with the recent happenings.
  6. Promote your offers with the Twitter to encourage your followers for generating leads.

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