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AWS Benefits that you surely need to know in year 2018


Have you heard of AWS (Amazon Web Services) that is a subsidiary of Amazon further provides cloud computing platforms to the Individuals, Companies and Government but not for free? This platform was launched in July, 2002. Officially, it was launched on March 14, 2006 as Ecommerce hosting on AWS. There are numerous reasons for the success of AWS and few of them are mentioned here.

  1. AWS Mobile hub: This allows you to easily configure the features for your Mobile apps, user authentication, Data storage, Backend logic, Push notifications, Content delivery and also the analytics. Also it has a free tier but you have to pay for the additional services. Fastest cloud services that runs code without any managing server. The most quality apps are delivered through this that are suitable for your iOS, Android and Web applications.
  2. Whether you are running a Small business or heavily targeted ones, AWS serves itself efficiently for hosting. It provide Reliable sites, Scalable email service, Data warehousing service for the big needs and all of the server-backed services are meant to be charged on an hourly basis. Businesses are allowed to stretch their IT budgets.
  3. Every hosting needs some security measures and our ecommerce cloud hosting provides a secured infrastructure that are both physically and also on the Internet.
  • The data centers are staffed with 24*365 highly trained security guards
  • For the failure modes like a Natural disaster or some System failures, they have a backup option like multiple geographic regions to switch between servers.
  • Configuration of built-in firewall rules from totally public to a complete private network.
  • All of the activity track records are maintained.
  1. AWS is supportive to online student programs and also for processing the Scientific and Business data. Businesses are no longer now required to back up their files or move them to another location.
  2. Major computing tasks that fall under AWS are Amazon VPC, Amazon Route 53, Amazon EC2, AWS Lambda, Elastic Load Balancing, Auto Scaling and Amazon ECS. AWS Directory service and AWS identity are two main services offered under this category.
  3. According to the cloud uptime in 2015, it delivers 99.5% uptime on their SLA guarantee.

Application services of AWS

  1. Amazon API Gateway: It is a service that is required for Publishing, Maintaining and also securing the web services of APIs.
  2. Amazon Cloud Search: It provides the basic full-text search and is useful for textual content.
  3. Amazon Elastic Transcoder (ETS) is responsible for providing the video transcoding of S3 hosted videos.
  4. Amazon Simple Email Services (SES) allows for the bulk and transactional email sending.
  5. Amazon Simple Notification Service provides a hosted message queue for web applications.

As mentioned above, these are only the few benefits of ecommerce hosting on AWS (Amazon Web Services).

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