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Why should you go for WordPress?


Aaditri technology is a wordpress website development company in Delhi, that deals with the major aspects of a WordPress generated website. Avail the best suitable services for your business as far. WordPress is the best option for CMS related needs. It is the easiest and most powerful Content Management Systems used by Millions of Web developers all over the World.

For Small businesses, WordPress is the best platform for creating your dream website. The major benefit of WordPress is it is User-friendly and also customization. It could be used for almost everything.

Which is the recent version of WordPress?

The most recent version of WordPress is 4.9.2 in which all the security and maintenance releases are handled since WordPress 3.7 as on 27.1.2018.

Why should one opt WordPress?

  1. WordPress meets with all the particular needs and also requirements of the clients and customers.
  2. Dashboard is simple and even a non-technical person can operate it with ease.
  3. Multiple users can use it in a simple time.
  4. There are 2 types: Free themes and Premium themes that allow its users to change and edit th outlook and functionality of a wordpress website.

Advantages and disadvantages of WordPress

Advantages (Benefits)

  • Customization Easy, as per User’s needs
  • This is an open source platform and is available in free.
  • According to the Needs of the User, CSS Files can be modified accordingly.
  • Most of the templates and plugins are free. Users can modify them according to the need.
  • It is very easy to edit the contents, because it uses the Editor (that is what you get), that is what the user will see as you type, without having to do the commands of him.
  • Media Files Easily and Quickly Uploads.
  • Customization is easy, according to User’s Needs.
  • Multiple users.
  • It is browser friendly.

Minor Disadvantages

  • Using multiple plugins can make your Website Heavier, which will make it loading Slow.
  • To make modification in the WordPress website, PHP Knowledge is required.
  • To Modify Graphic Images and Tables are Difficult.

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