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SEO Ranking Factors in 2018


Getting higher organic search results is what Google craves for and somehow it is something difficult to achieve. Go through this post to look at changes helpful in improving the position of Sites and Search listings.

#Direct website traffic

Ok, so this is the most important factor for SEO ranking in 2018 when it comes to organic SEO. Traditional but influential; 51% of Traffic website is still coming from Searches. This is a strong factor that leads to Higher Domain authority which is a Search Engine Ranking score developed by Moz for predicting the “Ranking strength” of a website since it’s live. Future of SEO is continuously heading towards conventional marketing activities through Content marketing, backilinking etc.

CTR Rates are visibly higher for those websites whose Domain authority is higher. CTR stands for Click Through Rate and is the number of clicks received by ads divided with number of time your ad is shown. CTR rate can be checked in your Adwords account. Related ads will be getting much CTR, afterall, relevancy matters. CTR rates are noticeably higher to a ratio of 200-300% in Higher Domain websites.

#User behavior that affects Ranking of a website

Search Engines uses complicated Search algorithms to rank web pages. Though there are more than 200 Search ranking factors still they point to one important metric called User experience. Google analytics allows you to access the User’s experience. The average session duration for a user can vary between 6 to 12 minutes or based on your content.

Returning visitors are the ones who visits your website frequently and a new user is the one who visits your website for the first time.

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that navigates your website but viewing only one page. Rise in Bounce rate shows that your Homepage is boring. Higher authority websites always have lower bounce rates.

#Improvements in Backlinks

Backlinks are the incoming links to your website that plays an important role in Domain’s SERP position mainly for High-value keywords. Remember each of the backlink is interlinked so choose wisely, one single bad pick can lead to lower authority wesbites. Do focus on your Link building strategies  for improvement and scoring valuable backlinks.

#Keywords placement

Use Primary keywords in title and heading tags with optimization. Place only 3 keywords in 500 words content, excess can lead to keyword stuffing. Keyword should be included in Permalink and domain. Adding keywords in Alt and meta tags is also an important technique. Don’t forget to collect keywords search volumes using Google keyword planner.

#Position of Links

Try to adjust it within the text in Bold or Italianized manner. Size of anchor text and font size and color are some main points that meant to be keep in mind while placement.

As per AMP update, it is necessary to have a responsive website (Mobile-friendly) for better ranking. Believe it or not, nearly 60% searches were in Mobile since 2016. 65% of application downloads came from Organic searches. Biggest websites that supports AMP format are: WordPress, Reddit, Bing, Ebay and Pinterest.

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