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India v/s USA in terms of eCommerce business

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The e-commerce business is transforming the way in which business has done in India since time. An expected rate of 28% from 2016 to 2020 will grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) and probably overtake USA from US$ 14.5 Billion by 2034. The main branch of ecommerce is Online shopping also known as Business to Consumer (B2C) where companies individuals can order different products via Internet.

Market size of India and USA

The total online spending that includes Domestic and Cross border shopping is expected to rise by 31 percent by 2018. The top 3 countries that are preferred by Indians for Cross-border shipping in 2016 were USA (14%), UK (6%) and China (5%). Online travel agents go for the largest market share (70%) in Internet consumer market and remaining 30% is occupied by Furniture, Fashion, Grocery, Hotel, Food, Tech, Cab aggregators, Education technology and others too.

Retail ecommerce market in United States is expected to grow at faster speed by 2021. Customer satisfaction level is relatively high in USA where nearly 77% of Internet users represent 67% of entire population purchased online products in 2016. Major reason for the growing trend of e-commerce market in USA is rise of Mobile shopping in 2016. More than 136 Million users have done their purchasing through Web browser or Mobile app on their Mobile devices.

Indian Government initiatives:

  • Reserve Bank of India will be allowing “Inter-operability” among all the Prepaid Payment Instruments like Digital wallets, prepaid cash coupons and prepaid telephone top-up cards.
  • Indian Government has introduced Government of India to collect Payments.
  • Wi-Fi will l is installed in more than 1,000 gram panchayats among Indian boundaries under a project named “Digital India” to facilitate the rural area with Health and Education areas.

The reasons are enough to start an ecommerce website. However, we are providing you some other reasons to do so with ecommerce website Development Company in Delhi

  1. Convenient with all of the ease as they allows to buy goods day and night accordingly.
  2. User-friendly nature
  3. Offer datasheets for products that provides description and details about each item.
  4. They attract new customers with Search engine visibility in an effective positive manner.
  5. Easy tracking of Customer’s buying habit.
  6. Competence level is great as there is no such business setup cost.
  7. No boundary for selling products; they can be sell across the world.
  8. Available for 24*7*365.
  9. No extra investment in setting up a physical store, Insurance or Infrastructure.
  10. Amazing boost to brand awareness in getting new customers.
  11. It eliminates the travel cost, advertising and marketing cost, personnel cost for an easy shopping experience.

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