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What is SEO Copywriting and why is it Necessary?

To know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is good but knowing SEO Copywriting is even better. What’s better than you can write SEO content?  SEO copywriting is completed with the content that other users are willing to read and also sharing it that increases the trust factor and authority to help it rank well for the desired keywords. We grow your traffic, drive your leads and give you personalized services.

  1. Latent Semantic Indexing: LSI keywords are actually the keywords that are related to the Primary keywords. When you are targeting content writing services in Delhi there are few LSI keywords that you should also target in the content i.e., content writing agencies in Delhi and content writer in Delhi NCR. They can boost your website’s ranking by using the LSI keywords with relevant content. Make structured data in your blog posts for the Search engines to determine the webpage’s type.
  2. Keyword research is still the most important task to be done correctly in the entire SEO campaign. What others think about is important as same as what you think for your content. Determine a profitable niche and find the most relevant topics that can drive heavy traffic to your website. Keywords are those specific words that your users are typing in their Search boxes to find you. Long term keywords (4 or more than 4 words) are another good option to use in your content.
  3. Our Content writers in Delhi provide content that contains keywords, helps in online content ranking and drives qualified traffic.
  4. The website’s speed has been an important ranking factor since 2010 that states if your loading time is more than 2 seconds, most of the users probably abandon it. If your website is taking more than the mentioned time you must look for the steps to improve it. Look for suggestions in the Google website speed checker.
  5. Meta title and Description should contain targeted keywords that make your content more valuable and clickable. David Ogilvy said, on the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar. Crafting the perfect headline requires same time as on the content. It is a rule of thumb that your headline must convey the message or idea. Google uses the Meta description as a snippet for people who are searching for your keywords with relevancy.
  6. Try to keep it under 320 characters including the spaces. Make a short description about the page and also include a Call to action button like Buy now or Call now to get huge discounts to attract searchers. Like your website’s content, they should also be unique as well as informative. The optimal length for Meta title is 60 to 70 characters.
  7. The website owner can take care of 98% what is happening inside their website that includes On page optimization, User’s engagement, Bounce rate, Retention rate and Social sharing.

Tips for SEO:

  1. Never use ugly looking URLs that contain Hyphens, Special characters and Capitalized alphabets. First 3-5 words of a URL have the most importance.
  2. Title tag and Meta description should contain the keywords at their optimal places. Try to keep them in the starting.
  3. Yes, text is important but engaging Images, Videos and Diagrams can reduce the Bounce rate. If your users are finding interactive multimedia options then they will be retaining for more time.
  4. Outbound links with relevancy surely boosts your website’s ranking.
  5. Make sure that you are dropping your keywords in the first 100 words of the article. It emphasizes that your content is about those keywords.
  6. Heading tags are an important place to put the keywords and also make sure that your website has them.
  7. 75% of the users close the tab if website takes more than 2 or 3 seconds. Compressing the images, Switching to faster hosting and removing unnecessary plugins can help the site to boost up its speed.
  8. Add modifiers to your long tail keywords or title.
  9. With the increasing social media usage, Sharing buttons are necessary nowadays that can help you to gain some prominent users.
  10. Try to aim for at least 500 words for a blog or article for long term ranking with targeting the competitive keywods.

Life saver tip for SEO content writing

Though keywords are important but never go for keyword stuffing as it can even outrank your website. By stuffing the keywords only, you are just putting your users away because of the boredom. Write by keeping your readers in the mind rather than those targeted keywords.

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