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Website development and Designing…Learn the difference


Still confused between the terms website development and designing? If yes, then you are at the right place to learn so.

Wherever the work is done by the people who work on controlling the work of Behavior on that website, they are called Web Developers. In other words, these are the people who decide that:

When a visitor will click on the Submit Button in the Comment Box of the Website, then how will that comment be published on the same webpage.

When a visitor wishes to contact the Website Owner using the Contact Form, how will the Administrator receive the email through the contact form, and how the Administrator again with the same Visitor (Email, Mobile Call, Phone Call) , SMS, etc …) will contact.

Like Web Designer, these works are not possible by any single person, so any website development company in Delhi can have different people to do these different types of jobs, which can be used in different names Is known from.

Simply put, both Web Developer and Web Designer are actually Developers, only the difference is in their work that they work related to fulfilling the need.

Originally, we can divide a website or Web application into two parts, which are known as Frontend and Backend. Web Designers basically do their role in Frontend because they decide the Website’s Structure, Look and Feel. However, many Web designing companies in Delhi are involved in this Frontend Development. Let go! Try to understand them a little bit better by one by one.

Determining the structure or architecture of any website is done by HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), under which we decide which content will appear and when it will appear. Which content will look like Heading and what content will look like a paragraph, and if there is an Image, Animation or Video Content, then where and how it will appear.

While the look and feel of that website is done by the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), under which it is decided that what will be the color of the Heading, Paragraph etc., which will be used What would be the Family, Style and Size of the Font and what would happen to them like Padding, Margin and Border?

The third main part of Behavior comes under the frontend of the website, under which it is decided that the type of action the website will react to in response to. That is, various Elements of the Website’s Webpage will generate a Output Generate Against a Particular Action and this is completely controlled by JavaScript Technology.

That is, when a Visitor clicks the Associated, Submit Button with a comment in the Comment Box of any website, then it is important to check that the commenting user is associated with the Associated Textboxes with Comment Box And whether the email address is specified and if they are in the appropriate format, and if the user has not filled his name and email address or has not filled in the appropriate format, then there is an error Message Display.

Generally, the error message displaying this Comment Form Validation Performing and Data is invalid, then it is done entirely by javascript or any of its frameworks such as jQuery.

This Combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is commonly known as Client Side Technologies. In addition to these Client Side Technologies, which you see as special effects like Animation or Gradient in Frontend, they were originally created originally using Adobe Flash.

But with the development of HTML5 and CSS3, the same technologies have been used for various types of Animation and Special Effects while using JavaScript as well, where jQuery is quite popular JavaScript Framework, which is very easy to use At present, almost every website / Web application is used for Animation and Special Effects Create.

After using Compulsory Client Side Technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript, as a server / server for Web site / Application, we have to choose between the three most commonly used technologies, PHP, ASP.NET and JSP because these three Most websites / applications are developed only by using one of the technologies.

Currently the most commonly used technology in Server Side is PHP that are based on our PHP website development company in Delhi and over 60 percent of websites / applications are PHP based. Whereas Market Share of ASP.NET is around 20% and JSP’s Market Share is around 5%.

Although these three technologies are completely different from each other, these three are basically technologies based on C language. But still PHP is much closer to C language than the other two technologies. So if you have a good knowledge of C language, then you can easily learn to use PHP for Server Side Scripting.

However, if you have a good knowledge of C++ or VB.NET, then you can choose ASP.NET for Server Side Scripting and if you have a good grip on Java then JSP is better for you for Server Side Scripting. .

Simply put, we can call Web Designers who know the technologies related to Developing Fronend of any Website / Application, whose main work is related to the Website’s Look and Feel, and under it, the content of the Website, Things related to graphics, layout, theme etc. are decided.

While Web Developer is basically Programmers, it is important to have a good knowledge of Fundamental Programming Languages like C, C ++, Java, because at present, almost every Programming Language is presently based on the Programming Concepts of all three Programming Languages. Are there.

However, commanding on Server Side Technologies for Client Side Developers is not very important, because their work is only to control Frontend’s Look and Feel of Website / Application, but all Client Side Technologies for a Server Side Developer It is important to have accurate knowledge, because one server side developer generates results through its program codes, all of them have to display the effect as Outputs in frontend itself.

Therefore, whether you want to be a Web Designer or Web Developer, you must learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in a compulsory way, because without properly understanding these three technologies, Can not control Frontend properly. Hope after reading this, you are willing to avail the web designing services in Delhi.

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