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Top 10 Tips to Increase up Your Sales from Ecommerce Portal

By developing a website that is a user-friendly interface, attractive look & feels and easy to manage backend. The Ecommerce websites developed by us are as close as you get to the future of online shopping.

As every Ecommerce portal can improve their sales by following these important tips.

1. Full product descriptions – Product description is one of the major parts of any product page in the Ecommerce website development company in Delhi. It is always recommended that you use the full description of your products such as price, features, sizes, colors, etc.

2. Add product videos – Product video also helps in increasing sales, so it is important that you make a detailed video of your product and add it to the product page.

3. Get customer reviews – Getting genuine customer reviews will help you to improve product trustworthiness. If you get maximum positive reviews for your products then the chance will be increased to buy it.

4. Add social sharing buttons – Social sharing buttons must be added to your product page so that more physiques can share it. Social sharing buttons will help your product to reach many people.

5. High-quality product images – Use high-quality images of your products for attracting your customers. Product images should be clear and proper in size. If feasible then use more than one image of the product.

6. Highlight your top-selling products – Highlight your most selling products to your customers, for increasing the sales.

7. A clear call to action – This is also very important that you have to clear the call to action button. It should be properly placed and highlighted.

8. Trustworthy It is important that your Ecommerce portal should be https protected because people always buy from a trusted website development company in Delhi.

9. Use structured data – Structured Data will indirectly improve your sales by improving CTR. Structured data assists in highlights product price, size, and reviews in the search engine.

10. Website page speed – Website page speed also matters in improving sales, if your Ecommerce portal is slow and takes more than 3 seconds to load then you lose your consumer because your customer leaves your website and goes back to search engine for other faster website.

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