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Quick introduction and tips for SEO including Google algorithms


SEO is a part of Digital marketing that stands for Search Engine Optimization and is responsible for improving the ranking of a website on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Pick any topic as per your interest and choose an optimal domain name accordingly. That domain name should be unique and is brandable as well like 99wish.com that is an eCommerce website. After registration of domain name and hosting, here comes keyword selection which is the most important part in ranking of a website. Keywords are those words which are searched in search bar and if your keyword search has been done properly, your site will be visible to those users. Tips for keyword optimization:

  1. There are lot of keyword tools are available in market to find the most targeted keywords. Most of them are free.
  2. Make a list of keyword themes that you find useful for your site
  3. Long tail keywords are easy to rank comparatively. They are of more than 4 words.
  4. It’s better to target different keyword phrases for each of the page.
  5. There are basically 3 types of Keywords i.e., Broad match, Phrase match and Exact match respectively.

#Types of SEO

On-page SEO optimization is meant to be done for Search engines. Role of keywords are the most superior ones in On-page SEO. Unique content is must if you are practicing White hat SEO. Activities in On page:

  1. Headings: They should be in between H1 to H6
  2. Title optimization: It should be relevant and unique with word limit of 65 characters only which is readable by user.
  3. Meta description: It is a short description about your business but must mot exceeded more than 170 characters.
  4. Content writing
  5. Keyword optimization
  6. Link optimization and Image optimization

Off page: It is also known as link-building technique in which backlinks are generated. This is responsible for long-term and stable ranking of your site. This technique needs regular link creations that are prioritized by search engine. Strategies are required for this; if you are looking for an SEO Company in Delhi check out Aaditri technology. Some of the main activities are: RSS feeds, Directory submission, Social bookmarking, Article marketing, Social media, Press release, Blog commenting and Forum posting.

#Major algorithms of Google till 2017 and its functioning:

Name of update Launching date Targets
Panda February 24, 2011 Duplicate, plagiarized or thin content, user-generated spamming and keyword stuffing
Penguin April 24, 2012 Stops Spammy or over-optimized links
Hummingbird August 22, 2013 Keyword stuffing and low quality content
Pigeon July 24, 2014 (US) and December 22, 2014 (UK, Canada, Australia) Poor On and Off page SEO
Mobile April 21, 2015 Poor mobile usability
Rankbrain October 26, 2015 Shallow content, poor UX
Possum September 1, 2016 Tense condition in targeted location
Fred March 8, 2017 Ad-centred content

#Important tips while practicing SEO:

  1. Commitment about the work taken
  2. Results usually takes 6 months for a positive outcome so act accordingly
  3. Ask lot of questions to the SEO agency you are hiring for your project
  4. If you are thinking for Di-it-yourself process, it would be better to become a student of SEO
  5. Switch to Google analytics and Google adwords for tracking
  6. Site map page should be added for spiders as they cannot crawl pages that are not indexed
  7. Go for URLs that are SEO-friendly by using keywords to them but never ‘overdo’ it
  8. Always use a unique and relevant title and meta descriptions for every page as mentioned above
  9. For stable ranking, it is necessary to stay updated and go through all the algorithms that has released till date. Diversify your traffic sources. Make backlinks from other sites to prevent your site from hitting any algo.
  10. Avoid over-optimization in every way; excess of each and everything is bad
  11. Interlinking is a must to-do activity for better ranking
  12. Flash should be avoided at any cost
  13. It’s far better to use a Nofollow attribute if you are not so sure about quality of a site
  14. There is nothing like Page rank for now, literally, no. Build quality links only, no spamming
  15. Fix broken links with the help of Google webmaster


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