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What is a Static website?

A static website is developed in HTML and CSS languages that have a series of coded filed created to represent the various physical pages on the site. They are quick and so easy to develop. If you have a small business, it is the perfect go for sure. They cannot be changed without coding skills unlike the Dynamic websites.

Undoubtedly, website is the key to success in this online world to make you stand out. On the basis of development and functionality, websites are divided in two types i.e., Static and Dynamic. You can choose them as per your business need to strengthen your business functionality. Get Static website development services in Delhi NCR, India at most reasonable prices.

URLs play an important part in the SEO and we provide control to the URL layout. Template driven design with full freedom and fast implementation that uses simple markup.

Advantages of Static website:

1. Quick to develop
2. Can be developed in HTML and CSS languages
3. Cheaper development as well as hosting
4. Easy to index in the Search engines as they are just a series of coded HTML or CSS files.
5. Faster to transfer even on the slow connections
6. Browser compatibility
7. Amazing user experience
8. Smarter integration of the Social Media tools
9. Professionally designed web layouts and templates

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