Job Portal Development

If you are looking to start your own consultancy, job portal website is necessary that you can easily get here at our job portal development company in Delhi, India. In this Digital world, everyone is looking for services that can be availed through the internet.

Our services:

  • Maintenance of Job Portal Solution
  • Provide space for job seekers to upload their profile, edit their profile and can view the entire job openings.
  • Provide space to Employer’s where they can post their vacant job ads, manage companies profile and search the relevant database from jobseekers resume.
  • Subscription Management and Purchasing
  • Online facilities of filling registrations forms
  • Free Resume Posting
  • Online Resume Editing
  • Search for Job lists and apply the desired jobs
  • Upload / Attach Image in the resume
  • Jobs Bookmarking
  • Employers characteristics
  • Online Job posting at the portal
  • Online Job Editing
  • Search for Job seekers and resumes
  • Profile management
  • Payment Plans
  • Upload / Attach Image to their profile
  • Boolean Search
  • PAdvance Search as per various category
  • Choosing jobs category options form the list, job seeker submit a cover letter, and then this cover letter along with his CV is send to the employer of relevant company through mail
  • Acknowledgment mail is also send to job seekers
  • Content Management System
  • Job Seeker Management
  • Employer Management
  • Category management
  • Role Management
  • Site management
  • Package Managementt
  • FAQ’s management
  • Job seeker and Employer Statistic
  • Super-admin has privilege to activate or deactivate job seekers and employers

We take care of the job portals and their technicalities with the 24*7 support. They have a very convenient feature that makes you updated with the latest job openings. The confidentiality of student remains safer after signing up.