Dynamic Website Designing

Dynamic website design

What is a Dynamic website?

A dynamic website has all the information that can be changed according to the viewer with other factors. It contains client-side scripting to generate the changing content and other factors. Pages are generated in real time with the web scripting code like PHP (Personal Home Page) or ASP (Active Server Page). We provide full access to the Meta data for all pages, Products and other data.

For a strong business handle, Content Management System is necessary with a powerful web content management platform that is user-friendly and designed accordingly.

URLs play an important part in the SEO and we provide control to the URL layout. Template driven design with full freedom and fast implementation that uses simple markup.

Features of Dynamic website:

1. Dynamic website management with Wordpress
2. Search engine friendly
3. High security
4. Easy to manage
5. Interaction with the customers that increase brand exposure
6. Illustration of services in a customized way
7. Unlimited language versions of the websites
8. Unlimited users and user groups
9. Page management
10 File collection
11. Guestbook
12. Color and Font management
13. URL management

Dynamic website development

For eCommerce business:

1. Extendable product properties
2. Vary product properties based on product type
3. Extend ERP integration with additional information
4. Bill of Materials and configurable products
5. Multi stock management
6. Brand management
7. Manual and dynamic handle of related products
8. Unlimited dimensions of variants
9. Dynamic updated groups based on product properties search
10 Publish customer specific PDF catalogues
11. Customer specific assortments
12. Define individual publication periods on products
13. Define assortments for anonymous users
14. Inherit product category fields to subgroups