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Pros and Cons of Website Designing


#Benefits of Web designing:

  • Creativity level goes higher than clouds. There are no boundaries for the creativity level as such. Think beyond your imagination.
  • No geographical boundaries are there in this business. It can even be home based. If you are looking for Website Designing Company in Delhi then we are here to help you. Our work can help you in creating an amazing bond with customers for your business brand.
  • Partnerships can be created with Copywriters, SEO Experts, Web developers, Marketing developers and others industry specialists related to Website designing and Development.
  • This business can provide you the most user-friendly experience that can be adapted to almost all the devices including Smartphones, Tablets, TC, PC, iPhone and Android phones.
  • Web designing allows you to make better understanding with Search Engine Optimization which is a necessary feature for Website ranking. No matter which page version are you choosing, Google always prefers to give priority to Responsive web designing.
  • Being a freelancer is good and if talking about website designing, then this option worth really. Your location could be anywhere; you can do it anytime at any location. Nothing else is required except a stable Internet connection. You will be your own boss at the same time, only challenge is to defeat the previous you.
  • The company and projects on which you want to work is of your choice only. Learn whatever you want whenever you want. No dress code is applicable, do your work freely in your choice of clothes.

#Cons of Web designing:

  • Slower loading time: It might take too much time to load a responsive website design. May there are some unnecessary HTML/CSS coding that makes your website much heavier than necessity. Optimization of images is not appropriate which causes so much time to load.
  • Liquid layout can manage your content but not controlled well by the designers.
  • Web designer should be familiar with all the Coding standards and technology too. Experience and valid information about industry is also required at the same time.
  • Software is a bit expensive but worth their costs as well.

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