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Know if your Website is Demanding for an Update or Refreshment


Website designing is in trend and also a need of the website. Due to regular interaction, you might not understand that your website is outdated. But what about the new users and Search Engine spiders? Do they also does not know about that outdated styling? Of course not, they know about the trends that actually is harming your conversion rate. Gets free consultation from our website designing services in Delhi? There is seriously no better way to advertise your business on the World Wide Web. Your website should highlight the product or service you are offering.

  • Web-safe fonts- Are you still using the Arial and Times New Roman fonts on your website? If yes, then it would be better to change it soon. You need to upgrade your website with a unique and readable font look. The suitable one can give a new look to your whole website.
  • Simplicity at its best- Embrace those white spaces with a simpler website layout that have more of the chances to attract the visitors. Place all of the content above the fold. Arrange all of the content in a manner that makes sure that all of the information is properly structured.
  • Responsiveness- Make sure that your website is responsive and gives the best of User experience in Mobile and other devices too. A responsive website is important for you business and by doing so you could really achieve some new users. Make sure that your website is being viewed on the Laptop, Desktop and Tablets.
  • To use the Stock images is not a good idea though; it could make your website looks bit unreal. By uploading some real images of your business can make it looks real and also builds the trust factor.
  • Avoid using Flash and pop-ups; they can make your visitors go away from the website. It affects the site’s loading speed and also gives a negative impact on User experience.
  • Check out that your website browser is compatible and the source code (HTML and CSS) is valid or not? Improper coding can turn your website’s ranking down.
  • Make sure you are using the effective use of Calls to Action buttons to generate the revenues and increase the Conversion Rate. It is an instruction that is designed to create an immediate bond between the audience and services or product. Some common types of Call to Action button is Add to cart, Information-gathering forms, Subscription signups, Read more, Try it now and Many more.
  • Content- It is the main part of a website that can generate the Conversions. Proper Content and Content marketing strategy is already using by more than 80% of the marketers. It is important for improving your SEO score by more exposure.
  • To stay in trend with trendy designs, you can ask for help from our website development services in Delhi to instantly get rid of that outdated website.

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