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Ecommerce Revolution for 2018


Today we will talk about e commerce revolution in 2018. e commerce is not just related to a shopping site, it is more than that, you can do all kinds of business.

How e commerce is more than a website?

Many people of the people talk about e commerce, but as much as we know e commerce is more than that. When we use the term e commerce, it means that e commerce is much more than a website i.e. with commerce, we can sell anything online, there is no boundary here. In our eCommerce website Development Company in Delhi, we work on more computers with the help of fewer but eligible employees. In order to create an order in an office, much work like billing, the workers do but all these work in e commerce do the computer software. It requires very few people.

Sometimes you have felt the need for fast speed of your computer, in fact, if your computer takes 2 seconds even more time, then you get annoyed in answering. For this, companies have always been experimenting to increase the speed of the computer. Computer chip maker Intel has always used this for it.

Ecommerce is ready to sell

“Murray had predicted that the processing speed would double in every 18 months and the cost would be the same” … and it seems to be happening now. (Learn more about e-commerce)

But why does the computer need so much speed? Because, as technology is increasing, it is necessary to increase the speed of the computer as soon as the speed of the computer increases, accordingly, the software is also designed, the first graphical user interface, then the Internet, and now high definition (HD) due to the arrival of the video and the speed needed. The success of e-commerce is also due to the speed of Internet and computer speed. How Speed of internet influences my work?

Internet used to take a lot of time to load graphic in the internet website when the website loaded with color, image, animation, the computer used to take a lot of time, and once again the companies had speed with the speed of the internet Even the users of the net started growing.

The increasing craze of online shopping has increased with the speed of the internet. Today, the computer is on and the order is on the Internet, and after some time we have the goods, in the small towns today, delivery takes time, but in the big city, these things come to you in a few hours goes.

How to earn a domain name?

The internet speed in India is not very good. The logo will be seen when we get the speed very good after 11 pm and then after 6 a.m., the speed becomes slow because this time few people use the net area. In order to connect to any website on the Internet, www (World Wide Web) takes at least 1 second time. As the net speed increases, the internet business will also grow.

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