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5 Tactics for a Successful Website That Never Dies


  1. Boost your website for nearly 30% with quality content only that actually never goes out. A good link building strategy starts with only good content. Start with finishing your content. Make some High quality blog posts that are industry relevant. Your website will start gaining attraction once it is optimized from content. No need to stuff your keywords in irrelevant places. This is the best practice of SEO Services in Delhi for longer ranking of a project. You can also repurpose the content with some awesome new content ideas that may be difficult but time consuming.
  2. Combine your content with some self-generated videos that are relevant to your business niche. It will be better to combine those videos into playlists that can be easily viewed by your users and also navigate them through your library. Not only linking of your content is necessary instead combining them with some different places.
  3. Repair your broken links. A link that no longer works with your website is basically known as Broken or Dead link. The reason is might be one of them: Wrong URL entered by website owner, Destination website is removed from linked page or permanently removal of destination. Suggest them another URL.
  4. Link your website with more Social media. The purpose of SMO and SEO is to increase the traffic on a rapid rate. Optimize the content in such a way that should be easily optimizable. Allow Social media buttons. Play with Social media to get your website rank higher. Sharing content on Social media sites is one of the best Link building tactics.
  5. Track your backlinks to prevent from spamming and low quality backlinks. Try to invest in a useful backlink tool to get the daily reports to make your link building efforts easier. Visit the domain and quit it once you saw some terms such as Weight loss, Garcinia cambogia (a species that is used for weight loss) and Porn that are big red flags. Google’s penguin update is all about penalizing spammy links. It majorly protects your website from negative SEO.

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