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4 Most Important Website Design Rules


It is considered important to have a website which has a professional design, if you want to build your brand identity. It is because as good a website is, it will attract the visitors as well as it will help you show all of your products in the right manner. Following are some points or tips what will help you design in a better way.

#Avoid chaos

Although you may feel that adding different features to the website will help you make the website look great but it creates chaos which leads to distraction for the customers. Sometimes, while having a desire to work the best for the website we often end up adding features which aren’t even essential. Such should be avoided.


If the navigation is not clear, easy to understand and systematic no customer will be able to find the products. To facilitate this, a structural navigation is necessary to make the sections easy to understand in which the website is divided into. Within 2 clicks of the home page, users should be able to go to any internal page.

#Interaction and Communication

Reputed brands have always been able to attract maximum number of customers, due to their name in the market as well their reliability. Authenticity is very important aspect that every web designer must keep in mind before designing any website. It will help him make the website customer friendly. To ensure good customer interaction, it is necessary to add such features that encourage it. Examples of such features are as follows:

  • Online chat
  • Click to call
  • Enquiry forms
  • Commenting
  • Social sharing

By using such platforms for social interaction, the customers can no more about your products and services.

#Copy space

It is considered essential that the web designer must always check whether the images used on the page have adequate space. For achieving the required effects, the copy space is beneficial. Consistency is also important aspect as it helps you customer to relate with your brand easily. Elements which must have consistency are as follows:

  • Images
  • Fonts
  • Logos
  • Colors

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